Ios Traditional Cheesery
Haros Dimitrios
ΑΠΟ ΤΟ 1922
Haros family inherited from their grandfather an already rich heritage that dates back more than a century.

“When our guests try our cheese, they do not just feel its ingredients. They are immersed into the chronicle of its creation; the care and devotion of its creators till the moment it reaches one’s table.” Dimitris Haros


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Handmade Cheese Products
"Diaseli" offers the visitor a savouring experience in the middle of the Aegean Sea while travelling in time.
The museum was created by the family but also with the full support and contribution of the entire local community of the island. Priceless antiques narrate the wandering of Ios over the centuries.


“Honestly, one of the best vacation finds that I can recall in a long time. The tour of local history (and cheese-making!) is genuinely interesting and educational. The cheese, obviously, is the highlight! They have an assortment of cheeses that certainly expand one’s concept of Greek cheeses, yet their Feta is honestly to die for and if you like saganaki cheese dish at literally every Greek restaurant, the kaflateri is beyond comparison. Highly recommend!”


~ Kip Hale ~

“En revenant de la plage, nous nous sommes arrêtés chez ces producteurs de fromages. L’accueil est très sympathique et la propriétaire nous a fait essayer plusieurs produits excellents ! Je recommande chaudement de prendre le temps de vous arrêtez pour visiter et tester ces délicieux fromages.”


~ 150aur_lies ~

“Stumbled across this place quite by accident while quadbiking all over Ios. My friends and I then enjoyed a nice little historical tour along with a spectacular view of the island before getting down to business with the cheese tasting. We were given a fantastic array of cheeses to taste along with a few local honeys. The cheeses were so delicious that I had to bring some home with me. The Cheesery was definitely a must see in Ios.”


~ swantoth ~

“This is a must stop if you are in Ios and you like cheese! Not only you will taste 8 different amazing cheeses, but you will also get immersed in the history of cheese making in Cyclades and Ios in a very quick and visual way. It is family owned, small and Mrs. Eleni and Mrs. Frosso are very welcoming! We loved the cheese that we tasted, and our only regret was that we didn’t buy more! Definitely recommended!”


~ katerina_o ~

“Aus Zufall habe ich bei der Durchfahrt mit dem Moto die Käserei entdeckt. Wir wussten nicht genau, was es ist, aber haben dann kurz telefonisch nachgefragt & eine Tour gebucht –> alles lief sehr einfach und flexibel ab (keine genauen Zeitangaben nötig) Die Familiengeschichte & die Herstellung der verschiedenen Ziegenkäse ist sehr beeindruckend und interessant. Die 9 unterschiedlichen Käsesorten inkl. dem selbst hergestellten Honig & Kapern waren ausgezeichnet. Es hat uns sehr viel Spass gemacht, neuen Käse zu degustieren und anschliessend den verpackten Käse zu kaufen. (Vakuum) Immer wieder gerne. Vielen herzlichen Dank.”


~ marcellalovesfood ~

Διασέλι, Παραδοσιακό Τυροκομείου Ίου